The Great Spiral



About the book

This is a book about kindness. It is a little instruction book that shows you how you can follow your heart, which will take you on a journey to the places that are most dear to you. You will learn how to find your true north, and the type of kindness that you came into this life to embody. Reading this book will help you rediscover the magic you knew as a child, and you will no longer be confused or lonely.

Make no mistake — you did come here in order to be kind to others and yourself. This is the great project of the Creator, and you are a very important part of it.

° ° °
About the authors
We are the guides for Sunshine and Leor. We are a group of nonphysical beings who have come together to aid them on their journey. We have been with Sunshine ever since she was born. We co-create this book with Sunshine and Leor by speaking with and through Sunshine.

We have been in existence for thousands of years. We decided that the human race is ready to hear this message about kindness and how it holds the Universe together.